Web site is getting a face lift.

Been a while since I have done any updates on the PM Custom website. I’m going to start migrating my bigger items here. Have a few security changes to make to allow for the Cart function and store to operate with a modicum of security. The physical locations of things within the company have changed like the design studio and the fabrication shop. Trying to get back to some of the basics.

Witness – Neoprene encased wood pew

One of the reasons for the changes is that Etsy, a company the has helped grow PM Custom from the sales side of things is charging more to do business. Shipping is now being taxed on top of regular sales. I make no money on shipping. Ludicrous!

Anyway, looking forward to moving in new directions in the coming year.



High Line park- West Side, NYC

The High Line has to one of the most enjoyable parks. Three years ago when I was in Chelsea staying at a friends, the only things at the current location were the elevated rails. The rust eaten iron work was the remnant of a time gone by. The area wasn’t the nicest to walk in. This site has some really classic photos from the day.

James Shaughnessy - AP


Last year when my wife came back to Miami from visiting that same friend. She had a wealth of interesting photos to show, a slew of them from the High Line.

This past weekend we went up again, stayed with the same friend and made it requirement to see the High Line.

High Line park- West Side, NYC

If you’re going to NYC, make sure you plan to walk this wonderful public space.

The High Line park- West Side, NYC


The Empire State buliding- High Line park- West Side, NYC