Happy day after Thanksgiving.

It took awhile to realize the extent of what I had deleted from my old site. I was looking for something there and understood for the first time that I had written that stuff in the blog portion on the software and had no backups available. I don’t even remember to what extent I had written.

So I’m going to try something different. I’m going to write in Word and edit here then import as Word and save the document. For anyone that does computer work, you know how important “Save” is while you’re working on a file. This will be my “Save.”

I got this off Dezeen…………………..

I snatched this from

It’s kinda like a cheat sheet for design and maybe that was how they listed it.

I thought it was cool.

The third for the day…………………….

Having a lot of trouble using this WP template. It’s a little different then the old one which was years outdated.

Hand Forged Double Bed

Hidden Art?…………………

Thought I’d take a second to post something I had on here before. It’s kinda weird now that the old stuff is gone.

Chair Comp1 2009

Found this instead. I didn’t do it I swear. My buddy Karl was trying to get me to understand the nuances of composition that he says are learned, and I say are innate. He says all the masters learned comp this way, and I still think it’s just some layman’s way of explaining what comes naturally to some people.

New Website………………

Powder Coated Yellow Candle Sticks

Hot Dip Yellow

Hi all.

Been quite a busy October. As you might notice, my website has changed a bit. I was asked to move it from one server to another and thought it time to change the theme. I pulled a back up and saved the Word Press Content but I changed the server before I got the correct file saved. So I’m starting all new.

Hope your fall is off to a great start.

See you soon,