Pouring lead for my Thesis Project

This is the casting of the lead masks for my George Washington installation. Click on the little link to the left to see the video.


Past Due………

Real Simple Nov 2011

Back in November “Real Simple” magazine did a make-over and the mudroom they did featured some of PM Custom’s Wauli racks and hooks.

Real Simple Nov 2011

Real Simple Nov 2011

High Line park- West Side, NYC

The High Line has to one of the most enjoyable parks. Three years ago when I was in Chelsea staying at a friends, the only things at the current location were the elevated rails. The rust eaten iron work was the remnant of a time gone by. The area wasn’t the nicest to walk in. This site has some really classic photos from the day.

James Shaughnessy - AP


Last year when my wife came back to Miami from visiting that same friend. She had a wealth of interesting photos to show, a slew of them from the High Line.

This past weekend we went up again, stayed with the same friend and made it requirement to see the High Line.

High Line park- West Side, NYC

If you’re going to NYC, make sure you plan to walk this wonderful public space.

The High Line park- West Side, NYC


The Empire State buliding- High Line park- West Side, NYC

All in a row…….

I thought that getting parts cut using CAD dwg files was a cool thing. I found out recently that it really makes a difference what you feed your CAD file into. For example, these parts used to be cut using an oxygen fuel cutting process. The heat transfer caused deformation that made welding a time consuming process. These parts on the other hand were laser cut, a process that transfers very little heat. The parts for these sticks are almost exactly the same and it made welding 65% faster.

Whoa it’s almost February………………………

Cool stuff on the WEB!

Figured I should do a post for January since it’s almost over. The end of December and the beginning of Jan were kinda crazy around here. First the post then all the attached posts, (some of the coolest shit in the world) then the West Elm catalog the first week of Jan. One of my favorites by far has to be being included in this ezine, I have no idea what they got going on there but they have some of the coolest beautiful women images that side of……….

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English American Artist Alexander Merklein makes big in Santa Fe…………………..

Alexander Merklein recently won the big cheese prize in Santa Fe New Mexico. Want to stay on the cutting edge of art? then check him out!

Been a great big week………………

On Tuesday a website (that I’d never heard of till then) called posted my Wauli hooks that are listed on Etsy. Well that was just the start. I still have to wrap my head around this.

I stole this Carl Jung pic off the internet and it represents how I feel this week.

Yesterday I got another email saying that my Wauli rack was going to be featured in the spring West Elm catalog!!! WOOOOOOAH……. That would be a double Octopus………. Well I can’t wait to see how this plays out!