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I thought that getting parts cut using CAD dwg files was a cool thing. I found out recently that it really makes a difference what you feed your CAD file into. For example, these parts used to be cut using an oxygen fuel cutting process. The heat transfer caused deformation that made welding a time consuming process. These parts on the other hand were laser cut, a process that transfers very little heat. The parts for these sticks are almost exactly the same and it made welding 65% faster.

New Website………………

Powder Coated Yellow Candle Sticks

Hot Dip Yellow

Hi all.

Been quite a busy October. As you might notice, my website has changed a bit. I was asked to move it from one server to another and thought it time to change the theme. I pulled a back up and saved the Word Press Content but I changed the server before I got the correct file saved. So I’m starting all new.

Hope your fall is off to a great start.

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